Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Are you or your significant other considering upgrading your diamond engagement ring?

Perhaps your style has changed, and you want something that fits your current taste and lifestyle. Or, maybe your budget has increased, and now you can afford the dream ring you couldn’t before. Perhaps you want to upgrade it as a symbol of a milestone in your relationship.

Whatever the reason, upgrading your engagement ring is a beautiful experience that many people choose to rediscover themselves, each other, and their commitment to one another. And it’s a lot easier than you may think!

Should You Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

Many people feel conflicted with upgrading their rings because they feel it might dishonor the original commitment's significance. They worry it invalidates the proposal or acceptance.

If you feel conflicted about this, remember two things: 

  1. Your ring is just a symbol of the commitment you made to each other at that point in time. It, in itself, is not the bearer of that commitment; you and your spouse are. 
  2. If you and your significant other are comfortable upgrading your ring, then you can let it be a redefined symbol of your ongoing commitment.

When to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

When should you upgrade your engagement ring? Here are a few common scenarios:

Every 5 or 10 years. People like to celebrate milestones and renew their vows. Upgrading your ring every few years is a great way to celebrate how your marriage has grown through the ups and downs of life. You get to pick the timeframe!

When you feel like it! You can do it as soon as one year after your wedding or as late as 60 years after. Upgrading your engagement ring can be a beautiful symbol of love and commitment of ever increased value in your relationship.

How Should You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

If you're not sure where to start, here are a few common ways to upgrade a ring:

  • with a bigger diamond
  • a change the band style
  • adding a halo
  • adding stones on the band

You can make it as personalized and unique as you like. That's the beauty of ring design.

A Notable Diamond Engagement Ring Upgrade

Megan Markle's engagement ring upgrade made recent headlines. It was gifted to her on her one-year anniversary. 

Her husband, Prince Harry ordered a bespoke ring that symbolized their growing family and included Megan's favorite metal, yellow gold, and carries their birthstones and their son, Archie's, on the underside. Prince Harry also mentioned that it includes diamonds from his mother's collection.

Ready to upgrade your ring? We want your ring to fit you in every stage of your life, so we offer a unique service that allows you to upgrade your rings efficiently. You can even trade in your old ring and apply that ring's original cost toward the new piece. Contact us today for assistance upgrading your diamond ring!

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